A New Voice with Fresh Ideas for a Different Direction

Sarah A. Salem is a systems thinker with a passion for equitable and sustainable development and in finding solutions that benefit the whole, rather than any one part. Sarah comes from a diverse background with experience in development, farming, start-ups, finance, community organizing, and the retail environment, which lends to their transdisciplinary approach to work and learning. Growing up in the Hudson Valley, Sarah has developed a strong affinity towards the community and in making the City of Poughkeepsie and the Greater Hudson Valley a more desirable place to live, work, and play, now and for years to come, for current and future residents. 

In their work with Dutchess Outreach Sarah drives home the idea that in order to thrive communities need fuel; a well-functioning economy, good jobs, upstanding community leaders and politicians, strong systems of public transportation, infrastructure, education, human services, space to play, and consistent access to quality food whatever your net worth. In addition to their work in Development with Dutchess Outreach, Sarah is a past Fellow of Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress and the Good Work Institute, furthering her examination of societal and developmental ills/successes within the Hudson Valley Region.     

Charismatic and personable with a good sense of humor, Sarah has a knack for public speaking, thrives under pressure, and is committed to squeezing social injustice until it runs dry. In their free time, Sarah enjoys running long distances, getting lost in the dense forests of the Hudson Valley, watching documentaries, playing the ukulele, and spending quality time with their pals and family.